The Show

The Kangaroo Kid Quad Bike Stunt Show is a totally unique show not to be missed!

The show includes stunts using specially fitted quad-bikes (one even fitted with a roll cage) and they finish the show with a spectacular jump over anything that is put in their path, be it cars, trucks or tractors (Matt has even jumped a flying aeroplane).

The Kangaroo Kids showmanship captures the crowd and keeps them captivated for the duration of their performance.

Using a microphone in his helmet that is linked to the shows main PA system, the Kangaroo Kid keeps the crowd informed with a witty commentary, while displaying incredible skill and agility manoeuvring his selection of quad bikes around the arena.

For agricultural shows, motor shows, festivals, carnivals etc. the Kangaroo Kid normally performs 2 x 30 minute shows – but show length and contents can be adapted to suit any specific requirements.