Macau – Elekron

The Kangaroo Kid starred in a Casino Show at Melco’s Studio City in Macau (China) called Elekron.

It was a fantastic show – a bit like Mad Max – and all the vehicles were electric and custom made for the show.

The Kangaroo Kid made all the Quads using a Honda TRX450 chassis and a KTM Freeride motorcycle electric motor. He used all the parts he had used on my normal show Quad over the years – Houser A-arms, Swingarm and other Houser parts.

PeP suspension but the Quad the Kangaroo Kid did all the shows with had some old shocks on because he didn’t want them to paint the nice shiny PeP’s to look rusty.

The PeP’s stayed shiny on the spare Quad.

The Kangaroo Kid completed over 2000 jumps from ramp to flat concrete in show creation and rehearsal and then the show.

Elekron ran for 150 shows in the 6 month – with the Kangaroo Kid missing a few due to some injuries but the Quad was still in the show ridden by a Chinese rider – Leing Lang.

There is so much to tell about this show but that’s a whole story in itself, not to mention the antics of living in the biggest sin city in the world – the whole Macau experience.

Macau Makes Las Vegas look like a kindergarten in comparison.

The show was produced by Stufish who do shows for the biggest bands and entertainers in the world.

It was an amazing experience that changed the Kangaroo Kids life in many ways.