Film & TV

Over the years in between in between his Kangaroo Kid Show, Matt has been doing camera tracking for movies and TV. Camera tracking is where the camera tracks the actors and the action.

And he’s done some pretty wild scenes over the years.

Matt mainly worked for Bickers Action who are the leading stunt rigging and camera tracking company in the UK –

Bickers action was set up by the legendary Dave Bickers of World Motocross Fame or Scrambling as it was called back in the 1960’s. The company is now run by Dave’s son Paul bickers.

When people hear about Matt’s work in movies, they assume he’s a stuntman because of his stunts as The Kangaroo Kid, but he works closely with the Grips. You might have seen Key Grip and Best Boy in the credits – well it’s the Grips who set up the cameras on whatever vehicle I’m riding or driving.

So – in the movies Matt is not a stuntman as many think, but works closely with the stunt team to get the best shots of the action. Matt used to call this his secret agent job because you can’t take many pictures or post anything on social media.

You can see some of the big movies I’ve worked on by clicking this IMDb link.

I It’s been great fun working with the world’s biggest stars and apart from one they all have been great people. Now I’ve moved back to Australia I’ve set up my own Camera tracking business using the electric vehicles from the Macau show Elekron – please see the separate page on this website.